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Icom extends product warranty on digital radios. Icom is now offering a standard warranty of three years on all P25 digital radios. The warranty applies to the IC-F70D/IC-F80D, IC-F1721D/IC-F2721D, IC-F9011/IC-F9021, and IC-F9511/IC-F9511 series. For more information see this link.

Vertex Standard

Vertex Standard offers total system solutions to the world's commercial communication and public safety markets. Products include base repeaters to utility and mobile transceivers, and all meet the strictest national or regional standards.Vertex products have cleared the U.S. Department of Defense MIL810 standard, the IS (Intrinsically Safe) standard for use in emergency situations, and the ETIS standard in Europe. Land Mobile Radios are the backbone of the new information-based society. The social infrastructure supporting our daily lives is changing and with it, quick and precise methods of communication as well as highly reliable communication tools are becoming increasingly necessary. We will continue to contribute to this infrastructure by providing the most advanced state-of-the-art .
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