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Vertex Standard offers rebates on select models. Click here for more information.

Icom extends producst warranty on digital radios. Icom is now offering a standard warranty for three years on all P25 digital radios. The warranty applies to the IC-F70D/IC-F80D, IC-F1721D/IC-F2721D, IC-F9011/IC-F9021, and IC-F9511/IC-F9511 series. For more information see this link.

Bolay Technical Services, Inc. has enjoyed a rich history navigating the technology landscape. Beginning before the first transistor was created by Bell Labs, we continue today to assist our clients with almost every form of wired and wireless communications technology to transmit voice, to move data, and to share information.

Throughout the years, we have designed, and installed communications systems for applications between 30 Mhz and 5 Ghz and have been fortunate to work with clients from every level of government, private industry, agriculture, and education.

Projects have included numerous configurations for base stations, repeaters, remotes, mobiles, hand held portable equipment, pagers, antennas and towers, alarm and monitoring devices, and dispatch and control systems. Future projects will unfold and apply new technologies to manage company assets, to monitor and report daily activities, and to shorten the business to customer accounting cycle.

We hope that you will let us assist you to become more successful through the use and application of communications technology services.

Thank you.